Full Compression Sock

Full Compression Sock

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Compressport Full Socks combine all the latest technologies in one sock ensuring athletes the best effects during effort while making the most of maximum recovery afterwards. The Full Sock peforms both during use and in recovery. Its graduated compression combined with comfortable design optimises blood flow and stimulates venous return, also making it ideal for travel.

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Full Sock 3D.Dot Concept
It was on request from Julie Dibens (twice World Xterra and 70.3 champion in 2009) that Compressport came into play to create Full Socks.

Ultra Resist
In normal use FULLSOCKS are tear proof.

Absorption of shocks and vibrations to muscles, veins and joints increasing the possibilities of resistance to effort.

Ultra Comfort
Woven fibres second-to-none for their softness and comfort. The FS3DD offers you outstanding comfort.

Grip 3D.Dots
The patented 3D.Dots are multidirectional ensuring maximum grip in shoes thereby preventing feet from slipping during full-on effort.

Acu Pressure
“The massaging acupressure” is designed to activate blood circulation by multipoint massaging of the sole area.

Air enters the 3D.Dots preventing overheating of the sole of the foot during effort.

Ideal for recovery after effort and also for long-haul flights or long car trips.

For road or trail running, the new FS3DD offers you the beneficial effects of compression and support of the ankle and stimulation of the arch of your foot.

FS3DD is the indispensable recovery weapon for cyclists. It was the must-have during the 2010 Tour de France.

Located in the arch of the foot, this also ensures venous return and recovery.

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