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Triathlon Pink Gold Coast

  • Runaway Bay Gold Coast (map)

Gold Coast

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Triathlon Pink at Runaway Bay Sports Centre

Saturday 4th October 2014

  • Late registrations and early packet pick-up from 2-4 PM. Please note there is no bike racking until Sunday.
  • A Body 2 Fit Triathlon Tips and Tricks Clinic at 3:00 PM - FREE clinic highly recommended for anyone new to triathlon or to the venue! Learn what to expect on race day, how to prepare for your race, what to eat pre/post-race, tips & tricks on making your transitions seamless and go for a walk through of the transition area so you know where (and how!) to locate your bike!

Sunday 5th October 2014

  • ULTRA: 600m swim, 16km ride and 6km run (2x300m swim, 8 lap bike, 6 lap run)
  • Long Course: 300m swim, 9km ride, 3km run (4 lap bike, 3 lap run)
  • Medium Course: 200m swim, 6km ride, 2km run  (3 lap bike, 2 lap run)
  • Short Course: 100m swim, 3km ride, 1km run (2 lap bike, 1 lap run)
  • Kool Kids Triathlon (Boys and Girls)
    7-9 years: 50m swim / 2km bike / 500m run  (1 lap bike, 1 lap run)
    10-13 years: 100m swim / 4km bike / 1km run  (2 lap bike, 1 lap run)
    14-16 years: 200 swim / 6km bike / 2km run  (3 lap bike, 2 lap run)

Swim Course: 

The swim course for all Triathlon Pink events are exactly the same.

You start from one side of the pool, at the very end. Then you will file in one after another into the water. Prior to jumping in to the water, you will need to make sure you cross the timing mat, otherwise we won't be able to give you a time at the end of the race!

Once you are in the water, you just need to swim to the swim buoy in front of you. Depending on which distance you are doing, you may only need to turn around one swim buoy i.e. the kids & short course turn around one buoy, medium course turn around three and the long course turn around five.

You will then exit the pool on the other side of the pool, but at the same end. You then make your way to the transition area!

Bike Course:

After ensuring that your helmet is done up nice and tight, you are ready for the bike leg! You exit transition on your left, and must stay left while on the bike course at all times. This is vital as it will ensure the course is safe for all Pinkies. The only time you should not be as far to your left as possible is when you need to overtake another Pinkie, which should be done as quickly as possible. 

The course is a complete lap of the Luke Harrop cycling track, there will be a turning point set up for you when you are finished your first lap of the bike and are starting your second or third lap. When making your turn, please beware of other Pinkies around you.

Run Course:

The run course is a 1km looped lap. Once you exit transition, you will again need to stick to your left at all times. You will head past the water station and then onto the grass. There will be plenty of witches hats and bollards to show you the way. The run turn to start your second or third laps (depending on which distance you are competing in) will be set up just inside the main gates to the stadium. 

Once you have completed your required number of laps, follow the witches hats and barriers which will take you across the finish line!


Fun Run Pink

There are three distances available for Fun Run Pink:

  • 5km (Men and women welcome)
  • 2.5km (Men and women welcome)
  • 1km (Kids only)

Like most Fun Run Pink events, it is ran on the bike course for Triathlon Pink. The start line for Fun Run Pink is behind the pool area/start of the bike leg. The event starter will take you out there once the announcer calls your event over the PA system. 

The 1km kids run will run down the first bit of the course and then turn left onto the Luke Harrop cycling track. There will be a run turn point set up with a marshal, where they turn and make their way back to the start line. They head back into the stadium, complete a lap of the track which will guide them to the finish line. There will be a lead bike to guide them at all times.

2.5km competitors do one lap and 5km competitors do two laps of the Luke Harrop cycling track. Then like the kids, make there way back to the finish line via where their run started, do a lap of the athletic track and across the finish line. 

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