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Whether you run as a hobby, to remain fit, or competitively, it’s essential to acquire the right tools. Most hobbies require some form of investment from your side, and it’s no different with running. To protect your feet and ankles, you must wear proper men’s running shoes in Australia. The Running Shop stocks a wide range of brands from which you can select the perfect fit for you.

What You Should Know About Selecting Asics Running Shoes for Men

Regardless of the brand or type of shoe, you want your fit to be correct and comfortable. Any anomalies with the size could result in niggling pains in certain parts of the foot, which will contribute to a negative running experience. Whether you’re selecting men trail running shoes or Hoka running shoes for men, the process is complex, especially when you consider the number of running shoes available and their unique technologies.


These are the steps that you should follow to identify the ideal running shoe for you:

  • You should understand pronation, which is the movement of the foot from the heel to the toe through to the foot strike. The correct pattern uses the outside of the heel moving up evenly to the ball of your foot. This process reduces the impact on your feet. However, you may have overpronation, which rolls too much to the inside of your foot—you may refer to it as flat foot or low arch. Under pronation is your foot rolling too much to the high arch.
  • You can determine the arch height by conducting a wet test. Stand on a brown paper bag with two wet feet for ten seconds and observe the imprint that you’ve made. If you have a curve along the inside of your foot, you should see a print that’s less than half the width of the heel and toe band of your foot—this pattern is an indication of a normal arch. You have a low arch if there’s not much of a curve on the inside of your foot. Signs of a high arch are a thin band connecting the heel and toe or none at all.
  • Use the arch height to determine your gait, which refers to the way that your feet behave when you run. Understanding gait types, such as severe overpronation, mild overpronation, and neutral or under pronation, will help point you to the correct running shoe for your feet.
  • If you have a flat foot, you should opt for motion-control shoes with a wide yet straight shape underneath. Stability running shoes have a semi-curved shape, which is ideal for runners with a normal arch. Neutral cushioning shoes have the most curve and are perfect for runners with high arches.

All types of Saucony running shoes for men will offer your feet maximum support and protection. They absorb the impact of your feet, which makes them perfect for running.

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