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Asics Hyper LD 6

Asics Hyper MD 7

Asics Hyper MD 8

Asics Hyper MD 8

Asics Hyper Throw 3

Asics HyperSprint 8

Asics HyperSprint 8

Asics Replacement Blank Pin

Asics Replacement Blank Pin

Asics Replacement Spike needle pins

Asics Track and Field Spike Key

Mizuno X Sprint Unisex Sprint Spike

Mizuno X Sprint Unisex Sprint Spike

New Balance Fuel Cell 5280V2 Unisex

New Balance LD 5 Mens Spikes

New Balance MD 500 v5 Womens Spikes


Brian McKay

I purchased a pair of shoes Asics from here in August 2020 and unfortunately they developed a fault 5 months later, I approached TRS to see if they could query on my behalf with the supplier to determine if this was a manufacturing issue.

Alana Mountain

I had been trying to find runners that work for me for ages. So many were giving me pain and I was fitted wrong over and over again

Gregory Bowditch

Have always had good experiences here. Knowledgeable, honest and great service. Replaced my Polar heart rate strap monitor, with no fuss, when faulty. Thank you TRS.

Damian A Lucas

Geoff helped me pick out the perfect running shoes for me a pair of black on runners. Ended up with On-running. Most comfortable fit.

Geoff Hynoski

Ordered some trail shoes online over the weekend and they arrived Wednesday to NSW.
Super happy with the response time needed them for the coming Saturday!

Ben Haffenden

Awesome service, very knowledgeable young guy, I asked for their advice for good running shoes and I am happy with the outcome as it wouldn’t have been better without their help, very highly recommended!


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