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About TRS

The Running Shop is dedicated to the needs of runners, we are located on the Gold Coast in James Street, Burleigh Heads. The Running Shop understands that everyone has a unique foot and running style. We know how critical it is to be fitted with the correct pair of running shoes to avoid injury and ensure peak performance.

Current stock includes Asics, Brooks, Mizuno, On Running, Altra, Saucony, Salomon, Hoka One One , Merrell , Oofos and Newton running shoes. We also carry a large selection of apparel as well as compression garments from 2XU. Other brands and products stocked include Garmin, Polar, Suunto GPS units and heart rate monitors, running accessories, Oakley, Adidas sunglasses and a range of socks, however keep an eye out as new products are often introduced to our shop.

The Running shop also supports numerous local events and clubs including The Burleigh Swim Run Series, Trail Chix, RK Pod, Good Time Runners, Southport Tri Club, Gold Coast Trail Runners, The Rat Pack Multisport and numerous local gyms like Uber Shape.

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What You Need to Know About Running Shoes in Australia

Unlike regular sneakers, running shoes in Australia are specifically designed to prevent you from injuring yourself with the repetitive motion of your feet hitting the ground. The cushioning inside the shoe acts as a shock absorber and allows you to continue running with ease and in comfort.

When deciding on the right running shoe for you, you need to consider the fit. A shoe that doesn’t fit well will make your run painful and could result in an injury. At The Running Shop, we stock all types of running shoes, especially options for trail runners in Australia. Make the right decision with your next purchase: allow us to assist you with finding the correct shoe for the type of runner that you are.

Benefits of Road Runner Shoes

Road running is the most common type of running that there is—in fact, many marathons take place on roads. While it’s a strong way to get some exercise and stay fit, it can cause issues for your body when you don’t wear the right road runner shoes. Here are some benefits that you can enjoy when you purchase your running shoes:

  • Lighter in weight. Shoes designed specifically for running on roads feature lighter materials so that you don’t feel weighed down during your runs.
  • Flexible soles. While trail shoes have a hardier sole for gravel grip, road shoes incorporate a flexible sole to allow you to easily push off on even surfaces.
  • Breathable material. Because you sweat more while you are running on the road, your shoes need to allow air into them. Road running shoes feature breathable materials so that your feet don’t feel slippery inside your shoes.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Track Running Shoes

If you are new to running track, you may not realise that there are guidelines you should follow when you go shopping for your track running shoes. Many buyers make the mistake of investing in regular running shoes; these shoes will not provide you with the right type of foot support.

  • Here are some of the common mistakes that runners make when they buy shoes and how you can avoid them to enjoy your running in comfort:
  • Not trying them on with your running socks. Different types of running require you to wear different kinds of socks. When you try on your track shoes, remember to take a pair of track running socks with you to ensure that the shoes fit correctly.
  • Buying newer brands online. The cardinal rule of shoe shopping is to never buy a new brand online unless you have previously tried them on and are confident that they fit correctly and provide the right ankle support.
  • Not shopping at the right time of day. Throughout the day, your feet will expand and contract depending on the weather. Shoe stores recommend that you shop for new running shoes at around 4pm, as it is the time when your feet are at their normal size, helping to ensure that you purchase the correct fit.

Why Trust Us Regarding Sport Shoes in Australia?

At The Running Shop, we stock only the highest-quality running shoes for all types of athletes, from the marathon runner to the occasional around-the-block jogger. We supply our customers with the best trail running shoes in Australia.

We know that everyone has their unique way of running and requires the right type of footwear to feel comfortable, stay supported, and help prevent injuries. While we stock many well-known brands, we often keep a lookout for new products that offer the same qualities.

We view our customers as family, and we always want them to be satisfied. If you are unhappy with your item or have ordered the wrong shoe size, simply return the product, unused, within 30 days for a full refund or exchange. For more information about our products, contact us today


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